On Trend and Sustainable Denim by Reformation

I am so excited to share yet another new sustainable denim line with all of you! Here’s the spiel again: the clothing industry is quite dirty and wasteful, especially when it comes to denim. Think of the land, water, and pesticides needed to grow the cotton, the water needed to wash the denim and the chemicals used to create those beautiful worn washes and finishes we all love. According to Forbes, 1,500 gallons of water is used just to create one pair of jeans, and a whopping 450 million jeans are sold in one year in the United States. You can do the math.

Reformation is an already-popular ethical and sustainable clothing line based in Los Angeles. Denim, being an industry that isn’t going to die anytime in the foreseeable future (and is still growing despite staunch competition and an increasingly saturated market), was a reasonable next step for the brand. Yael Aflalo, Founder and CEO of Reformation, states “We basically referenced vintage pieces we love. We spent years researching, innovating and searching for our best eco-friendly version of denim possible.” This new denim collection launches o October 23rd, and highlights all of the major denim trends out there today, in a variety of washes, fits and vintage-inspired cuts. The huge breakthrough here, is that each jean now takes a small fraction of the usual 1,500 gallons of water to manufacture, and non-chlorinated bleaches are used for washing. A “neutral-based enzyme” (Forbes) helps reduce the use of water and other resources like energy. Instead of sourcing all of their denim fabric from cotton, Reformation uses recycled denim and the sustainable fibers Modal and Lenzing Tencel, which are sourced from a tree pulp which requires less water and pesticides to harvest. Everything is also manufactured in partner factories in Los Angeles, which follow strict environmental and ethical guidelines.

If that doesn’t sound amazing enough, Reformation also purchases water restoration credits through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) as part of The Wet Program, which helps clean up their footprint in water use. For the launch of their denim collection on the 23rd, the brand plans to purchase additional credits which will then go towards donating 1,000 gallons of of restoration credits for each pair of jeans purchased to the National Forest Foundation for clean water projects in California. This foundation is currently working with the San Gabriel River project which aims to create a community space for education about our changing environment and water issues.

It is incredible and heart warming enough to see any brand make any effort to be more environmentally friendly, but it is so encouraging to keep the faith for our future when you see brands like Reformation taking it a step further with even more initiatives and partnerships with foundations and organizations that work hard to make our planet a better place! Each jean’s product page lets you know how much carbon dioxide, water and waste is saved with its purchase. For example, the Winona Mid Slim Jean in Volta saves 31 pounds of carbon dioxide, 1,460 gallons of water and 1.8 pounds of waste. Reformation tracks the environmental impact of each garment.

Here are some notable pieces from Reformation’s new denim collection. Everything is available for preorder now, for the release on October 23rd.

“Created in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, we design and manufacture the majority of our limited-edition collections in our factory headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. All other garments are produced by responsible manufacturing partners here in the U.S. or abroad using sustainable methods and materials. We source sustainable fabrics and vintage garments while incorporating better practices throughout our supply chain to make beautiful styles at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional fashion. It is our mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable.”

“From water and pesticides needed to farm cotton, to toxic chemicals used in dyeing and finishing denim, plus water and energy used in home laundering, denim has a significant environmental impact. Our mission at Reformation is to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. We want to make beautiful, compelling product, but with a focus on how we can have the smallest environmental impact possible.” -Yael Aflalo, Founder & CEO (Forbes)

View more and preorder more beautiful pieces of Reformation’s new denim line here. This is going to be quite a sizeable release!

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