Reformation Brings Eco Friendly Style to Shopbop

When browsing for new denim or checking out what’s new in the world of style, Shopbop is always one of my top online destinations (next to Revolve). They always have fresh pieces and although I can’t always be spending that kind of money, I appreciate quality and the artistry that comes from these designers. However, you know me…I’m always wanting to peruse new sustainable brands or items first. Since there’s no actual category on Shopbop for that, I have to do my research beforehand. That is why I compiled five great eco friendly brands available on Shopbop for a post here not too long ago for others who might be wanting to shop more consciously. It comes as no surprise that I know several sustainable brands already, but not all of them are available as options at these popular shopping destinations. Reformation is one of those awesome brands that has been on my radar for awhile now (I’ve written about them twice, once in 2017 and another time this year), but they are almost exclusively available from their own website. So, I’m happy to see that they are now becoming more available to discerning customers, and I’m happy to now say that Reformation brings eco friendly style to Shopbop!

Reformation, born in Los Angeles in 2009, is probably best known for their sustainable denim, which I somehow unfortunately still have yet to try (I will, I swear). This brand also encapsulates casual, feminine vintage cool so well for all kinds of style tastes. It’s hard to just buy a pair of jeans when there are all kinds of awesome pieces to go with them! Reformation’s dresses are also so perfect for the summer months which are now upon us, so this collection comes just in time for all the sunny days ahead.

I am digging the Gilda Jumpsuit (even though I don’t even own a jumpsuit yet, nor have I ever tried one on *gasp*) and this leopard-tastic Margot Skirt! The Allie Jean Shorts are great for those who want to beat the heat in denim but with a little more modesty than most of the popular denim shorts on the market provide. I also love the Jess Dress, even though I don’t wear such girly styles often, but I do wear mainly black and it looks great for a day out wine tasting! Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection—even though not all of them are quite my style, I still find them super cute and I’m sure you all will too.

To see how Reformation brings eco friendly style to Shopbop, check out Shopbop’s story for the brand here, and shop the entire collection here.

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